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MOLLO COFFE Pastry & Aesthetic Space.
Who we are?

Aesthetic space full of flowers and inspiring details. Coffee shop and pastry ¨to go¨.

Specialty coffee from Barcelona based roasters Morrow, fancy cold drinks from the local brands, and natural wines in small bottles, gourmet sandwiches, as pastrami or traditional Catalan calçots sandwich, and for sure unusual pastries and desserts from talented house pastry chefs.

The flagman dessert of the store is the legendary Madeleine biscuit, of French ancestry. This shell-shaped cookie, known all over the world, is not only “Mollo's” signature dessert, but also an important part of its concept, which arose from a beautiful writer’s metaphor.

The Madeleine cake was immortalized by the french writer Marcel Proust in his book “In Search of Lost Time”. In the first chapter of the novel, Proust's protagonist drinks linden tea with Madeleine cookies, and at the same second the taste of the cake triggers a flood of distant memories, and with it sets off one of the most famous novels in the history of literature. From that moment a “madeleine de Proust” became a highly common expression in France to describe any sensation reminding you of pleasant memories.

Idea that the objects, tastes or fragrances, that a person surrounds himself with, contain strong inspiration and could bring back emotional memories is very close to the creator of the “Mollo coffee” - Olga and her team. A flower vase bought during an unforgettable vacation, the scent of a candle that reminds of a romantic weekend, the taste of a sandwich that brings up a memory of a road trip with friends - so many things could become your “madeleine de Proust”. Therefore the space of “Mollo coffee” is filled with inspiring personalized art objects and the menu is created to remain in memory for a long time.

Many talented specialists are involved in the creation of the “Mollo coffee” space. These are people from different spheres, countries and cultures. However, they all have one thing in common.

It’s a like-minded group of people, who need to surround themselves with aesthetics even in the smallest details and to create beauty in their own professional fields. The people who can fall in love with a shell-shaped ashtray in a flea market or a handmade vase in a rural store, who can ride many kilometers out of the city just to taste a favorite dish, who get inspired and inspire others. For them, even such an ordinary ritual as a morning cup of coffee on the way to work can become an aesthetic experience.

Therefore the “Mollo coffee” space is filled with objects, tastes and fragrances that touched and inspired the creators of the project. And now the team is happy to share this warm atmosphere with the visitors.

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